Friday, 31 August 2007


I learnt a very important lesson this week - to try things on! I found a gorgeous chiffon top, held it up, thought about how much it would change my life if I bought it, and so went ahead and did just that! Then, to my horror, when I returned home and tried it on it looked awful and really didn't suit me. Yes, its sometimes annoying having to try things on in the shop and waiting for the next avaliable changing room (does anyone else think that the lighting in changing rooms is always terrible?) but its worth it! Other news is that Crocs are going to be LAUNCHING A CLOTHING LINE!!!!! When will the madness end? 'Fans of the spongy foam resin will now be able to buy shirts, shorts and skirts'. Now tell me: why would anyone be a fan of 'spongy foam resin'? On a more positive note, I'm loving this top from Pair it with jeans for a casual look or add a black patent belt with skinnies and heels for a night out.

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