Thursday, 2 August 2007

It's art darrrling

When I turned the telly on the other day, a programme about Salvador Dali, the famous artist popped up. He was famous for using objects in paintings in a way that was unusual for them - like this painting below, with the melted clocks and the ants which rather depressingly, represent death:

In a way, fashion has used Dali's take on images and used the idea to create accessories which are unusual, in the same sense as the clocks. Take watering can handbags for instance, seen frequently on the arm of Fiz from Coronation Street. They are being used for another purpose like Dali's objects.

The same can be said for handbags in the shapes of dogs (click here for some truly awful dog handbags), the fish phone off Big Brother and a pair of earrings that I have. So there you have it; a semi-intelligent-arty post about accessories.

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