Friday, 29 June 2007

Outfit of the week

Ladies Peep Toe Platform Shoe: Barratts £28
Geometric print sundress: Oasis £20 from £45
Large White Retro Clutch Bag: Accessorize £18

Total outfit cost: £66

P.S Last night was Elton John's fabulous White tie and Tiara Party!
The lucky guests (who paid £3000 for a ticket) enjoyed truffles and knickerbocker glories whilst at the Las Vegas themed bash.
An auction took place to raise money for Elton's foundation which is for AIDs and a car went for£800,000 as well as a piece of art fetching the same figure. I don't know about you, but I wish that I'd have gotten an invite!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Paris is out!

Paris Hilton was released from jail yesterday although she is on probation for two years. She swapped her orange jumpsuit for a light grey jacket with a white trim and a white vest underneath as well as a pair of dark skinny jeans and white heels. She obviously had a lot of time to think about her release outfit whilst in jail and it's quite conservatory but still Paris like at the same time. I want that jacket! She was surrounded by the paparazzi and was greeted by her parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton who waited for her inside a car. Paris then went to her grandparents' mansion in Sunset Boulevard. Whilst in prison, she claims to have found God (as well as losing weight) and is now going to give up her party lifestyle and wants to help others.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Top trends

There's alot of trends in fashion at the moment; even if you follow just one you're bound to look cooler than Kate Moss at Glastonbury.

The Romantic look: Wear layered chiffon dresses with ruffles and shoes with bows for a truly classic feminine look; white's a good colour for this trend.

The Masculine look: Were talking blazers with tailored trousers; talking of trousers, high waisted ones are really in.

The Metallic look: This is perhaps an easier trend to handle because you can use accessories like bags to your advantage. Bikinis in metallic colours are big for the summer! Think copper or silver.

The Sporty look: One would automatically assume this trend is for Adidas lovers but fear not! Luxury fabrics have kept this trend at it's best. Hoodies (attached to dresses) look great and don't forget the Parka!

The Embellished look: This involves gems, diamonds, studs and whatever other things you can stick to fabric. Burberry captured this look in a gorgeous dress which has been seen on numerous celebrities.

The Romantic look: Chloe Ruffle front blouse: £578

Burberry Prorsum Gem embellished metallic dress: a snip at £3,015

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Shopping spree

I hit the shops today looking for that perfect party outfit for a friend's birthday next week. I ended up buying a cute cardigan with a beaded necklace from New Look (there's 20% off everything!). I also got a gorgeous summer tote bag (an absolute summer essential) from Warehouse which would be both great for going out and for casual shopping. I love this makeup bag I saw in Boots:

Floral Berry Beauty Bag - Boots £8

Friday, 22 June 2007

Outfit of the week

Ruched neck top: Topshop £20
Yoke detail shorts: Warehouse £30
Diamond layer lense sunglasses: Warehouse £7
Chocolate rope wedge: Miss selfridge £30

Total outfit cost: £87

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Gossip Girl hits TV screens this autumn

I'm an avid fan of the Gossip Girl series - a set of, currently, 10 books. They revolve around a set of friends in New York's Upper East side. "This is the world of Gossip Girl - inhabited by the city's most glamorous people and filled with spicy gossip, jelousy, betrayal and Jimmy Choo shoes". Within the books is scandal and most importantly fashion which is why when the books hit the big screen (it was going to be a feature film but is now going to be a series on CW) I'm sure we will be seeing some great outfits and alot of serious shopping. Unfortunately, as I live in the UK I won't be able to see the show but I'll probably be able to view it on the internet (thankyou!). The cast seems suited to the parts in the book, bar a few, and it will be interesting to see how they interact with each other and if the directors follow the story or skip parts which is what usually happens in films (although as this is a TV series it might be slightly different). One of the main roles as Serena Van der Woodsen has gone to Blake Lively who is most known for her role in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants as Bridget. The gorgeous Chace Crawford is playing Nate Archiblaid. Click here for the sneak preview.

Some of the main cast for the Gossip Girl TV series

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Rachel Bilson - The new Mischa

I used to watch the OC all the time and thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the 'other half' lived (and gazing at Adam Brody as Seth!). However, in the later series the storylines became utterly far-fetched and unbelievable which was a shame because the original concept of the show was a good one. Rachel Bilson, playing Summer, always wore some great outfits but both this, the storylines she received and the amount of coverage in the show, was always second to fellow actress Mischa Barton playing Marisa. However, Rachel is now fast becoming a huge style icon and for me is definately ahead of Mischa in the all important style stakes. More noticeably, her red carpet outfits have been amazing and she has become something of a movie star (The Last Kiss with Scrubs star Zach Braff). She seems to be branching out from the OC which is something that Mischa has yet to really do. If I were you Mischa, I'd watch out!

Rachel in Brian Reyes bubble dress with cute shoes and red belt at The Last Kiss soundtrack listening party

At the Film Independent's Spirit Awards in a white dress with an ethnic necklace

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Dolce & Gabbana Pre Fall collection

Wow! The new D&G collection for winter 07/08 is great! There's lots of pieces that would be suitable for work but equally suitable for going out. The colours are mostly greys but there's alot of deep purple too. I smell a trend coming on! I love the first dress (right) and the grey mac would be great for winter. I saw a shorter version of it too.

Monday, 18 June 2007

ASOS Browsing

Whilst looking on I found some great items in the clearance section. Personally, I've never bought anything from the site (although, a while ago I was looking for the perfect black cardigan and stumbled across one but left it too late and by the time I went back to buy it the only colours left were nasty neon pink and beige) but these clearance items are nice.

Happie Loves It Oriental Bloom Empire Dress: £25.00 from £59.00
(hate the bag pictured with it though!)

Sequin Trim Lurex Dress: £18.00 from £35.00

Patchwork Shopper: £8.00 from £15.o0