Thursday, 21 June 2007

Gossip Girl hits TV screens this autumn

I'm an avid fan of the Gossip Girl series - a set of, currently, 10 books. They revolve around a set of friends in New York's Upper East side. "This is the world of Gossip Girl - inhabited by the city's most glamorous people and filled with spicy gossip, jelousy, betrayal and Jimmy Choo shoes". Within the books is scandal and most importantly fashion which is why when the books hit the big screen (it was going to be a feature film but is now going to be a series on CW) I'm sure we will be seeing some great outfits and alot of serious shopping. Unfortunately, as I live in the UK I won't be able to see the show but I'll probably be able to view it on the internet (thankyou!). The cast seems suited to the parts in the book, bar a few, and it will be interesting to see how they interact with each other and if the directors follow the story or skip parts which is what usually happens in films (although as this is a TV series it might be slightly different). One of the main roles as Serena Van der Woodsen has gone to Blake Lively who is most known for her role in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants as Bridget. The gorgeous Chace Crawford is playing Nate Archiblaid. Click here for the sneak preview.

Some of the main cast for the Gossip Girl TV series

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