Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Rachel Bilson - The new Mischa

I used to watch the OC all the time and thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the 'other half' lived (and gazing at Adam Brody as Seth!). However, in the later series the storylines became utterly far-fetched and unbelievable which was a shame because the original concept of the show was a good one. Rachel Bilson, playing Summer, always wore some great outfits but both this, the storylines she received and the amount of coverage in the show, was always second to fellow actress Mischa Barton playing Marisa. However, Rachel is now fast becoming a huge style icon and for me is definately ahead of Mischa in the all important style stakes. More noticeably, her red carpet outfits have been amazing and she has become something of a movie star (The Last Kiss with Scrubs star Zach Braff). She seems to be branching out from the OC which is something that Mischa has yet to really do. If I were you Mischa, I'd watch out!

Rachel in Brian Reyes bubble dress with cute shoes and red belt at The Last Kiss soundtrack listening party

At the Film Independent's Spirit Awards in a white dress with an ethnic necklace


JB said...

I've look everywhere for the maker of this white dress...does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

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