Monday, 18 June 2007

ASOS Browsing

Whilst looking on I found some great items in the clearance section. Personally, I've never bought anything from the site (although, a while ago I was looking for the perfect black cardigan and stumbled across one but left it too late and by the time I went back to buy it the only colours left were nasty neon pink and beige) but these clearance items are nice.

Happie Loves It Oriental Bloom Empire Dress: £25.00 from £59.00
(hate the bag pictured with it though!)

Sequin Trim Lurex Dress: £18.00 from £35.00

Patchwork Shopper: £8.00 from £15.o0


SHOEGAL said...

I love the green dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for linking to me. Keep up the posting and I'll link to you too.

Owner of this space ;) said...

what a beautiful green dress! i love - ive been shopping there for years now, they make amazing shoes! great blog you have here dear! i'll link you - x