Saturday, 11 August 2007


I swear they have taken over the nation - Crocs!!! They're everywhere; in bright colours that hurt your eyes and that horrible material. I can't stand them and can't understand what people find attractive about them. The other day I saw a girl around 6 wearing a pair of pink Crocs-that poor, poor girl. Her Mum probably thinks that they are 'cool' and fashion savvy and thus decided to buy her a pair but oh, how awful they are! When they first came onto the market (who on earth designed them?) I presumed that they would stay on the feet of the older generation but how wrong I was: I've seen them on the very young, (who, admittedly don't really have a say) teenagers (yep! Who'd have thought?) and young adults as well as middle aged folk. WHY?!!! You can even buy Croc accessories to put through the horrible holes in them!

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