Friday, 24 August 2007

Latest clothing horrors

Ooo I came across a handful of horrors today which are truly shocking. First up is Jordan's dress for the launch of her new perfume 'Stunning'. The word meringue can't be used for this dress because its beyond that. I always fail to see why women choose huge puff balls for their own wedding dresses as most of the time they just look totally OTT and too fairytaleish. Jordan's dress is also very much OTT for a perfume launch - what happened to being casual?

Next up is Topshop's 'wet look wrap skirt' which is truly awful! There's absolutely no shape whatsoever and even though it costs £40, it looks cheap. I'm surprised at Topshop; I know that the 'wet look' is on the up but this skirt is definitely not! Besides, just what would you wear it with? It would certainly be hard to pull off (literally too, I'm sure! Ha ha)

There's some nice clothes on but this top is not one of them. Animal print is a tricky one - choose a few select pieces such as one top or a pair of shoes in leopard print or a small handbag and its effortlessly fashionable. But, choose a tacky top or go overboard with animal print coat, animal print top and animal print trousers (i.e. all worn at once) and you've instantly ruined its appeal for innocent passers by. This has happened to me on numerous occasions; I'll just be starting to think that animal print isn't so bad and that maybe I should go back for those shoes when bam! someone walks past head to toe in the stuff and it will put me off for another few months. Anyway, back to the top. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad without the splashes of colour ... ok, so it would. I really hate the cut of the top too and I'm sure it would do few people any favours (especially non-supermodel people who aren't size 00 and are mere mortals)

The next two disasters are from a surprise source. When I heard that Paris Hilton was launching a clothing range for Kitson Boutique I was instantly looking forward to seeing the collection. Now I wish I hadn't. Rather than looking expensive, hollywood and luxe like I thought it would, the clothes look cheap. Really cheap and tacky (although I am only juding the clothes from website pictures which admittedly, aren't the best). The material she's used (well, I say 'she' but it's probably just her name on it but still she must have seen the clothes! What about reputation?) on alot of the pieces is horrible! And as for the colours! On the yellow dress, there is absolutely no shape - even the model with her hands on her hips fails to disguise the sack like shape. It just looks so badly made ... who would pay $88 for it? (£44). The bow thing on it makes it look like wrapping paper. Don't even get me started on the 'fuchsia' top (the sleeves! Oh the sleeves!)

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