Monday, 27 August 2007

I'm feeling autumnish!

I went shopping today and was impressed by the array of clothes in the high street stores. Black's definitely back and embellishment is huge! I bought some lovely metallic pumps from River Island only to realise on my way home that they still had the security tag on! I had to go back and then when I walked in the alarm went off (although I still don't see how the alarm didn't sound when I initially went out of the store). The ballet pumps will look great with opaque tights which are going to be BIG this autumn and winter! H&M had some nice autumn clothes including a large selection of knitwear which resulted in me buying a blue and brown striped jumper. I was disappointed by the clothes in Topshop and on the sale racks too; I guess it's all been picked over countless times. I really want a black waistcoat - not the big kind, just one that sits below the waist. I just can't seem to find one that's in the right style at the right price tag!

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