Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Sales

The sales are still here! Most of the time I love trawling through rack after rack finding bargins but sometimes I really hate it. I went shopping the other day and searched all the racks but only found typical sales clothes that you know are just there because the shop couldn't sell them first time round. I came away with a metallic gold bubble top that wasn't even in the sale! Sales are like Marmite; you either love them or hate them. I think I'm somewhere in between, although a special find that you find once in a blue moon always assures me that the sales are a god send. A top sales tip is to NEVER only buy something because it's in the sale. Try to ask yourself whether or not you'd buy it if it wasn't in the sale and to what event can you wear it to. Also, try the clothes on! There's been so many occasions where I've seen, say, a gorgeous pair of jeans on the shelf but then I've tried them on and they've looked simply hideous. It's a good idea to get to the sales as soon as possible as then you will get to grab the best stuff!

Petite chocolate print cami from Principles: £16 from £25

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Emma said...

I'm going to link you. Hope that's okay!
I LOVE SALES. Well, I love cheap and affordable clothes. I don't love getting my fingers trampled on in the mad rush to the ninety-percent-off rack.