Monday, 30 July 2007

Finally ...

... a lipgloss which claims to not stick to your hair! 'The unique water based formula gives 4 hours moisturisation without the stickiness usually associated with lip-gloss. The non sticky effect makes the gloss comfortable to wear as well as giving a super shiny result - so you can say goodbye to your hair sticking to your gloss!'. I haven't yet tried it but it sounds really good (the number of times it's been windy and I've stupidly put lipgloss on!) and the bottle is so cute!. It's by Bourjois and available at Boots. Currently, at Topshop and Dorothy Perkins there's a buy one get one free offer, where you don't pay for the lower item! I bought a top from each of these shops yesterday but couldn't find anything else that would ensure a free purchase. On the plus side, I got some great cropped jeans from River Island which were £10 from £29.99!

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