Monday, 23 July 2007

Fridge magnets and Bomber jackets

Yesterday, I got loads of clothes in the sale including a cute khaki bomber jacket for half price and a cosy brown V neck jumper for autumn which was also half price from Jane Norman. And you'll never guess what I got from Clinton Cards! A Johnny Depp fridge magnet! It has my favourite picture of him on it too (when he had shorter hair). Miss Selfridge has some really great pieces at the moment; I got 2 nice tops from there and tried on some of their cropped jeans but they needed to be longer (they looked too long to be shorts but too short to be cropped jeans). I looked through Topshop's sale rack but didn't find anything and instead bought a white smock top that wasn't in the sale. It was so crazy in River Island! There were clothes flying everywhere as well as a lot of pushing and shoving. I made it to the changing room with a pair of jeans which were on sale (£30 to £10!) but they wouldn't even go past my knee! Contrary to what I previously thought about clothes sizes being changed into cm as opposed to size 8, 10 e.t.c to discourage anorexia and to make all shop sizes the same ('What?! How stupid! As if!') at that particular moment I was all for it. Moments earlier, minutes even, in Miss Selfridge I'd managed to pull, twist and squirm into a pair of size 4 jeans but now I couldn't negotiate the size 6 River Island jeans any further. Although, apparently, tighter fitting clothing is going to be big which could see off the smock top, much to most of the country's dismay!

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