Monday, 21 January 2008

Go read!

I know that this post isn't strictly fashion related, but I felt too compelled not to spread the word about this fantastic book, We need to Talk about Kevin, which I just finished. The storyline is both gripping and thought provoking, following a series of letters that Eva writes to her husband as she tries to understand why her son, shortly before turning 16, killed 7 fellow students, a teacher and a cafeteria worker. The book asks the inevitable question of whether or not nature dominates nurture or vice versa. I was lucky to stumble across such a good novel, as shortly after Christmas I walked into WHSmiths and decided to buy a book at random, as I normally stick to the same kind of writing. I really urge everyone to buy this book! Go! Now!


Flair said...

Wow - this sounds like an interesting book.

SGM said...

omg--I read this book a couple years ago. So disturbing!