Monday, 28 January 2008

Don't you just love Twiggy?

I'm an avid fan of Americas Next Top Model (its the best! Where else can you find the likes of Jay Alexander and Jay Manuel? ) and its back to Living TV on February the 4th for cycle 9. Isn't it just so annoying that everyone in America gets to see it before us? During the middle of cycle 8, I went on a fashion website and as it was in America, it revealed who had won! So, this time I'm not going anywhere near other websites during airing (well ... ) Anyway, I think Twiggy's been great on the panel and shes such an icon, becoming 'The face of '66' and the high fashion mod look. However, she's not returning for cycle 10 and is going to be replaced! Booo!

Don't get me started with the huge things Tyra wears on her head!


Alexandra said...

I love ANTM!

Wendy said...

Twiggy ruled the mod look. And her signature eyelashes are so iconic.

stupidcupcake said...

Yes, she was amazing.

lily said...

she is great but when i look at her it just makes me more scared about ageing, cos not everyone can age as well as her

Kseniya said...

i love antm!
but i didnt actually like twiggy as a judge, she kind of annoyed me!