Friday, 30 November 2007

Christopher Kane

Ok, so I went shopping yesterday and stopped by the perfume counter to see what the Daisy perfume actually smelt like and yes, it was lovely but I felt like it lacked something for the £40 price tag ($80ish). However, I then noticed that sitting next to it was Vera Wang's Princess perfume. Curiosity got the better of me and I had a smell of it - Gooorgeous! Way nicer than the Daisy perfume, although the bottle isn't quite as nice. Anyway, a while ago I did a post on two Christopher Kane dresses that I thought were truly awful. But, lately I've been seeing them everywhere. Even on fellow blogs and a fashion programme on TV. So whats the verdict? Is it just me who hates them?


Patent Shoes && Rants said...

A little too runwayesque.

Im not a fan of VW perfume.


CresceNet said...
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Lady N said...

hmmm...I wouldn't wear either one of those dresses, not really my style.

Katie said...

you're right, they're awful