Thursday, 4 October 2007

C-U-T-E cute

How adorable are these hats? I can just imagine how they'd look on someone really effortlessly stylish. Personally, I've been put off hats ever since I bought a cream one and it made me look very strange. However, after seeing these beauties from Miss Selfridge, I might just have to get one and experiment with it (with my fingers crossed). Just make sure if you wear one that you don't then have to take it off; hair + hat = flat hair.

Plus, none of them break the bank at just £12. Also on my current really-want-it-but-will-probably-never-get-it list is this gorgeous Rose Applique Dress. Again from Miss Selfridge and at £65. Can you just imagine how good it would look with black tights, heels and a black clutch?

And, hey! When you went outside with your new winter coat you could team a hat into the look! Something which has been puzzling me lately, is the new scarf trend. You, know the ones that look like this:

Or one that's similar but with tassels on either side. I'm just not sure if I like them. Everytime I see someone wearing one I instantly think of a cowboy and expect them to pull out a gun saying 'Stick em' up!' or 'This town isn't big enough for the both of our scarves'. Still, they seem to be popular but then so was Lycra back in the day.

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